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Hip Implant Defects - the wider support network…

This page contains links to the websites and blogs of a small number of Trusted Partners - sites that share a common interest in themes and issues that are directly related or complementary to

As has developed, the multi-dimensional nature of the challenges presented in managing hip implant defects has become apparent.

Practitioners in many technical & professional disciplines contribute hugely valuable and practical insights into managing specific issues caused by hip implant defects, and related to hip revision surgery.

In addition, some individuals who have been personally impacted by hip replacement recall and hip implant defects publish useful information online, sharing their experiences and offering support, encouragement and practical insights to others who are following in their footsteps.

Prior to exchanging a link, Trusted Partner sites are carefully reviewed and vetted for relevance, coherence, quality and independence.

However, in line with the terms of use, no responsibility or liability can be, or is, accepted for information posted on third party sites linked from Each visitor must ultimately make their own assessment and form their own judgment on the reliability of any information posted online.

The preceding two paragraphs may appear to be contradictory, but based on the high volume of sites and blogs 'out there', and the relatively high percentage of those sites that are either low quality or lacking independence, visitors to have confirmed that this Trusted Partner page acts as a helpful filter.

In all cases, prior to linking, contact is established with the site owner or webmaster to confirm the rationale - i.e. that a 2-way link exchange will be of complementary benefit to the visitors of both the Trusted Partner site and

Trusted Partners would be delighted to hear from webmasters or bloggers who are managing content-rich sites related to defective hip implants and hip replacement recall.

Based on feedback and questions received from visitors to, themes and issues of particular interest include:

  • The experiences and stories of people personally impacted by hip implant defects
  • Health tourism - experience of seeking hip revision surgery overseas in order to source treatment at greatly reduced cost
  • Local support groups
    • Either at Country level
    • or at Major City / population centre level
  • Coping strategies and approaches, including
    • Pain management
    • Mobility aids
  • Equivalent challenges faced by recipients of defective or recalled (other) joints, including:
    • Knee
    • Elbow
    • Shoulder
    • Wrist
    • Thumb
  • Financial planning (loss of earnings)
  • Insurance planning (income protection claims; critical illness cover & claims)

Please note, the above list is not exhaustive.

If you would like to link with as Trusted Partner then please get in touch using the Trusted Partners contact form below.

Thank you!

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