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Hip Recall - Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a structured list of hip recall frequently asked questions (FAQs). The questions are grouped as follows:


How can defective hip replacement parts actually get introduced to the market?

What are the characteristics of the manufacturers of replacement hip components?

Please provide an overview of the replacement joint manufacturing industry?

Help! - I'm sinking! How to manage 'information overload' on Twitter, FaceBook & Blogs.

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Hip Recall - Basics & Definitions

Is it the implant that is defective; or was it incorrectly fitted?

How can a patient check whether a particular type of implant has been recalled?

Who are the different parties that have an interest in a hip implant recall case?

What are the key steps in the end to end the hip replacement recall process?

What is a product or medical device recall?

What is the scale of the replacement hip recall problem?

What is a defective hip replacement implant?

What is the difference between voluntary recalls and FDA medical recalls?

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How much could a replacement hip recall claim be worth?

Are there any circumstances in which a Plaintiff (injured party) might incur costs or lose money as a consequence of initiating a legal action?

What is the average cost of a hip replacement operation or a hip replacement revision procedure?

How do the financials typically look in a hip replacement recall case? Who pays what to whom?

Who will pay the expenses of the legal action?

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What are the some examples of circumstances that might underpin a valid legal claim?

Is it necessary to appoint a lawyer? Can Plaintiffs represent themselves?

Do insurance companies, agents of manufacturers, or claims handling companies ever make direct approaches to injured parties with offers of compensation or settlement?

What is a Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS)?

What information needs to be recorded in support of a potential legal action in a hip replacement recall case?

What criteria should be considered when choosing an attorney to prosecute a hip recall case?

What questions might an injured party ask an attorney before engaging him / her?

What is the difference between a Lawyer and an Attorney?

What does 'No win, No fee' actually mean in practice?

What things should a Plaintiff (injured party) avoid doing in order not to put any potential legal claim at risk?

What if the recipient of a recalled hip implant has moved away from the place where the original hip replacement operation took place?

Can a Plaintiff get financial compensation from a manufacturer / distributor without taking a legal action?

What is Multidistrict Litigation, and how does it differ from a Class Action?

Will the injured party have to appear in court in person?

Do all hip recall cases actually get to court?

What is Hip Replacement Malpractice?

What are the differences between claims for: Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice; Product Liability?

Which party 'owns' the hip implant following revision surgery to remove a defective hip device?

How to find a lawyer to prosecute a hip implant recall case?

What are the characteristics of a strong hip joint recall legal case?

What is the role of the defense team in a hip replacement recall case?

Are potential damages in replacement hip recall case capped at a maximum figure?

What are the main categories of compensation to which an injured party might be entitled if he wins his case?

What is the difference between Compensatory damages and Punitive damages?

Who ultimately will decide the outcome of a hip replacement recall case?

What is the Burden of Proof in a product liability case?

What if a Plaintiff can't find a lawyer to take on his hip joint recall case?

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What are the two basic types of metal-on-metal hip implant?

What if a patient has a metal on metal implant, but is not currently feeling unwell?

What is the highest priority - to seek medical advice or to initiate a legal action?

What are some of the most common root causes of hip replacement failure?

What are the symptoms that might suggest that a hip implant is defective?

What medical tests are carried out to assess whether a metal on metal hip implant may be causing health problems?

If a hip implant has been subject to a recall then typically what are the medical options?

If a hip implant has been subject to a recall then will revision surgery definitely be required?

How can a patient get access to his medical records?

Should hip replacement components be 'mixed & matched' from the hip resurfacing systems supplied by different manufacturers?

What is informed consent in the context of hip replacement surgery?

How much variability is there in the outcomes achieved by different hip replacement surgeons?

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Timing & Dates

How much time does the recipient of a recalled or faulty implant have to lodge a claim?

What is the statute of limitations?

How long might a hip implant recall case take to complete?

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