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In a Sea of Hip Replacement Information

Information overload

Hip replacement information… there certainly is no shortage of it out there - but having reviewed quite a lot of it for my purposes I'm reminded of the quotation:

'Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink…'
Coined by Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1882-1834) in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798)

In other words, we're surrounded by a sea of hip replacement information, but not necessarily able to benefit from it.

Hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to…

The seed of the idea for Hip-Replacement-Recall-Help.com was planted when I took some time to reflect on my own experience over the past twelve months of having been diagnosed (at a relatively young age) with advanced Osteoarthritis of the hip, and going through the process of investigating options and possible treatments, and ultimately having a total hip replacement operation.

The research that I undertook as part of managing my own health and making decisions for myself, led me to the conclusion that the vast majority of hip replacement information that I reviewed is produced by individuals or organizations who have vested interests, typically financial and / or commercial. This view was confirmed by my Orthopedic Surgeon, who I have come to trust implicitly. My surgeon was only able to point me to a mere handful of truly independent sources of hip replacement information.

Good Hip or Bad Hip?

As I browsed dozens of web sites as part of educating myself, I subconsciously pigeonholed each site in to one of two broad categories, which for my purposes I labelled as either: 'Good Hip' or 'Bad Hip'.

'Good Hip' sites, and there are many of them - some good, some bad, some ugly; provide information on the straightforward hip replacement procedures & prostheses, and describe situations where the clinical and surgical outcomes are broadly as expected and are therefore judged to have been successful.

'Bad Hip' sites, again - scores of them, are those sites that provide hip replacement information for cases where, for whatever reason, the outcome is judged to be unsuccessful. For example including cases where:

  • an unsuitable device has been implanted (wrong size or type);
  • a device has been incorrectly fitted; or
  • the device has, or is suspected to have, an inherent design defect and the manufacturer has elected to recall the device from the market - typically 'metal on metal' devices

A lot of the hip replacement information I came across was, in my opinion, tainted by either overt or covert marketing / advertising 'spin'.

This is particularly prevalent among the web sites that purport to provide assistance in 'Bad Hip' cases - whether the cause of the unsatisfactory outcome is thought to be either medical malpractice or a defective medical (hip implant) product.

This state of affairs irritated me and I contemplated whether I could do anything to redress the balance.

The result is this website - my attempt to provide some straightforward, independent, hip replacement information, for cases where the outcome of surgery is judged to have been unsuccessful i.e.: hip replacement failure.

Specifically, this site focuses on and attempts to differentiate between cases of:

  • Medical Malpractice - where the actual standard of care provided by a member or members of the medical team is judged to have fallen short of the expected standard; and
  • Product Liability - where there has been a recall of a hip implant component / device, typically initiated by the manufacturer or distributor of the device, often as a consequence of a higher than expected percentage failure rate

Ok, so Who is this Guy?

Here's how I want you to think of me…

Imagine I'm a friendly stranger you meet in a bar or on a bus (that would be 'Greyhound' in the US; 'Clapham Omnibus' in the UK ;o) ).

We strike up a conversation and you tell me that you've had a hip replacement, but that the device is the subject of a medical product recall, and that you're worried. I tell you that I too have had a hip replacement, and I outline my story.

I also tell you that anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm the kind of guy who needs to know as much as possible about my condition, the operation, the options and the risks… and that I will have done a lot of research prior to and after my own surgery.

In fairness, anyone who knows me will probably also tell you that I'm not the kind of guy you would want to be stuck sitting next to on a long bus journey! - but, let's pretend there are no other seats available, and you've asked me to share with you the insights I've gleaned from my experiences and the research that I did for myself.

I agree to do that willingly but with a few strong caveats which we agree, including that:

* I have only been able to review a fraction of the hip replacement information that has been published, so my insights & views should be interpreted accordingly;

* I'm just a regular guy, the recipient of a hip implant, who has no medical or legal training, qualifications or experience - a true layman;

* We agree that every individual has a unique health situation and that my experience & insights, and the decisions I took with respect to my own hip problem, may well not have any direct relevance to the challenges faced by any other person;

* Medicine and Law are complex and dynamic fields - constantly developing and changing; so inevitably, any insights gleaned from my imperfect research carried out at a point in time, may rapidly be superseded and will become out of date;

As we ride together on the bus we discuss our shared experiences & concerns, and we share insights & ideas. You trade me an apple for a cheese sandwich.

Think of this site as the ramblings of a fellow bus traveller - but hopefully with little more structure than if I had shared them with you 'on the road'!

A Word of Caution

As stated on the Home page and in the site Terms of Use, what this site will not, and cannot give you, is advice or guidance that is specific to your particular case or situation. The hip replacement and recall information on this site can only be general in nature.

  • With respect to your Health: your medical history and your current health situation are unique and personal to you. Only you, working closely with appropriately qualified and experienced medical professionals can properly assess your current situation and formulate potential courses of action, or inaction, each with different implications and risks.
  • With respect to your Legal position and rights: again, your current situation, and the events and decisions made historically that have brought you to this point are unique to you. Only you, working closely with appropriately qualified and experienced legal advisers can determine whether you have suffered personal injury, and if you have, whether you might have a valid claim against a third party corporation or healthcare provider.

House 'Rules'…

I thought it would also be worth sharing a couple of points about how I approach writing the hip replacement information and other content that you'll find on the site.

  • I tell it as I see it - don't pull my punches.
  • I try to retain my sense of humour, and I hope this shines through in some of the content. That said, having been through a total hip replacement operation myself, I fully appreciate the worry and trauma that most normal people experience, myself included, as you work through this process. And I can relate to the anxiety that people will feel if they are personally impacted by a hip replacement recall problem.
  • I'm not a special case and for that I give thanks. I realise that I am just one guy among hundreds of thousands of people globally each year, of all ages, who undergo hip replacement surgery. My case was slightly unusual, but only in that my diagnosis came at age 47 - a lower age than the average.
  • Spelling and grammar - as a general rule I use British English and spelling; not US. Some exceptions might creep in here and there - so please forgive me any inconsistencies and please don't spend your precious time writing to me to point this out. In just the same way as I do not have any legal or medical training, I also do not profess to be a skilled writer, so again - please forgive me my almost inevitable grammatical errors, and occasional clumsy use of language.
  • One other point on spelling - often, in haste, we misspell words when using search engines. In building the individual pages of this site I have included small sections here and there, typically towards the bottom of the relevant page, which include the common misspelled words. These short sections can simply be ignored as you browse the site.

Hip Replacement Information
Global & Geographic Dimensions

Hip replacement procedures are routinely undertaken in most countries around the World, and by the very nature of the Internet this website will be accessed by people from many different countries.

Also, the companies that manufacture hip implant products typically operate on a global basis.

In contrast, health care providers, the regulatory bodies that set and monitor standards, and legal frameworks are all mostly managed at individual country level.

Hip replacement information and data on hip implant recalls are not collected on a consistent basis between countries. These data challenges will be covered in more detail elsewhere on the site in the near future.

These realities introduce a challenge for me in creating content which is meaningful and useful for you, the Visitor, but which necessarily has to be general in nature.

I have created a separate page to explain how I have attempted to solve some parts of the geographic puzzle outlined above.

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