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Hello and Welcome to Hip Replacement Recall Help, the leading global support & community site for people impacted in any way by Hip Replacement Recall issues.

"Your site is the proverbial needle in the haystack. I'm very grateful for these simple resources and common sense perspectives. Thank you so much."
- Bob Nelson, Cleveland, OH

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This site is fully independent and completely free to use.

If you're reading this page its likely that you have some concerns about a hip replacement procedure where the outcome has not been satisfactory or successful. Your interest may be for yourself, or for someone close to you.

Or, you might need to have a hip replacement operation in the near future, and wish to find out about potential problems with certain types of hip replacement prosthesis which have been the subject of a hip replacement recall.

The good news is that you have come to the right place.

Don't bother scrolling down or clicking here & there looking for the 'catch' or the 'sales pitch', because, quite simply - there isn't one. This site is based on the simple principle of 'pay it forward' - a focal point for an online community of like-minded souls.

I suggest that before you start to browse the content on this site, you check out the following three pages; they'll give you some useful context:

  • About this site - how to interpret the information presented on the site, specifically that this site does not provide medical advice or opinions nor does it provide legal advice or opinions
  • Who am I? - My personal story, and my motivation for creating this site
  • That this site is independent and has no agenda other than to try to help you through a difficult time

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I do have some personal insight, some 'skin in the game' - I recently had total hip replacement.

It's a jungle out there…

If you are affected by a hip replacement recall then you'll know only too well that the whole process is complex, and can be confusing and bewildering.

You may be suffering with health problems that you suspect may be related to a recalled hip implant, whilst at the same time needing to:

  • Navigate through the challenge of working with your health care providers to best manage your hip joint and your health more generally and
  • Establish whether you have a valid personal injury case against either a hip implant manufacturer or your hip surgeon, and if you do, decide whether you wish to progress a legal action and
  • Manage your 'normal' life - spouse, job, kids, travel, mortgage, parents, pets etc

There are multiple different parties involved when a hip replacement recall is made: doctors; orthopaedic surgeons; hip joint manufacturers; distributors; lawyers; attorneys; insurance companies; expert witnesses; agents acting on behalf of manufacturers… each with their own agenda and often competing objectives.

There is a myriad of information available on the internet, very little of which is truly independent.

You need a friend

You're most likely stressed; maybe not sure which way to turn, and in need of a resource created by somebody who does not have an agenda, or an 'angle' on your current situation. Someone who is genuinely on your side.

Here is how I suggest you think of this site:

The best analogy to describe the information presented on Hip Replacement Recall Help.com is to think of the site as a set of navigation aids: a map, a compass, a pair of binoculars and a flashlight - basic equipment and tools to help you on your journey.

My objectives in creating the site are as follows, to:

  • Help you prepare to more effectively interact with the expert professionals, including but not limited to medics and lawyers, whose guidance and advice you will be seeking.
  • Simplify what is a fairly complex landscape, and provide some basic frameworks to aid understanding, whilst at the same time never seeking to diminish the potential seriousness of your situation and the decisions you're faced with.
  • Provide what I hope is a well structured and easily accessible body of general information on the hip replacement recall process, based on my own research and my recent personal experience of having had a hip replacement.
  • Build a small, caring online community for mutual support and encouragement.

A few words of caution

What this site will not, and cannot give you, is advice or guidance that is specific to your particular case or situation.

  • With respect to your Health : you, your medical history and your current health situation are unique and personal to you. Only you, working closely with appropriately qualified and experienced medical professionals can properly assess your current situation and formulate potential courses of action, or inaction, each with different implications and risks.
  • With respect to your Legal position and rights : again, your current situation, and the events and decisions made historically that have brought you to this point are unique to you. Only you, working closely with appropriately qualified and experienced legal advisers can determine whether you have suffered personal injury, and if you have, whether you might have a valid claim against a third party corporation or healthcare provider.
  • With respect to Insurance and Financial matters : Ditto; your situation is unique to you, so you should be guided only by appropriately qualified & experienced financial and insurance experts.

Hip Replacement Recall Help… and You

Whether you are personally affected by a hip replacement problem or complication; someone you care for is working through these challenges; or maybe you are a professional involved in orthopaedic health care or personal injury law - my aim is to provide a useful, general resource, and to be a force for good.

Hip Replacement Recall Help aims to be:

  • Easy to understand - simplify the complex; using plain English and avoiding jargon
  • Comprehensive - looking at the key aspects, people & organisations that are involved when hip implant devices are recalled
  • Balanced - my ingoing assumption is that no corporation or individual starts out with the intention of causing harm

So why not do yourself a favour and bookmark this site right now.

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The more people who know about this site, the more time I can devote to creating new content and answering questions.

The site is both free to use, and fully independent. Click here to see how I achieve this.

Let's get started

OK, enough talk. Where to start?

I suggest you begin with an overview of the end to end hip replacement recall process, then work your way down the left hand nav-bar. The site has a simple three tier structure (the Tier 2s are listed in the Left Hand Nav Bar) which I hope you will find fairly intuitive.

Wishing you health and happiness.

London, UK