Bias, and other Problems with
Hip Replacement Information in the Public Domain

People who have problems with hip replacement implants will most likely have suffered the frustration of being able to find significant quantities of information on their condition and possible options on the internet, but on closer inspection it is clear that most web sites are not independent.

The person or corporation providing the information typically has a vested interest in your situation.

Hip replacement recall is my attempt to redress the balance. I have tried to put myself in the position of someone who has problems with hip replacement implants.

This site aims to provide you with information that is objective, unbiased and independent.

Independence… and Hip Replacement Recall

From my perspective it is essential that hip replacement recall is, and remains, fully independent - from the ground up.

Indeed the raison d'être for the site is to help people by providing general information that is unbiased and not influenced by the agenda or objectives of any third party individual, corporation or institution.

Hip replacement recall has no affiliations and owes no allegiance or loyalty to anyone other than the Visitors to the Site who are personally affected by problems with hip replacement.

Equally, this Site is not endorsed, operated or influenced by any legal firm, regulatory body, government department, medical practitioner or institution, joint registry, profession or any other organization.

Its just me. A regular guy, who has at least some 'skin in the game' due to recently having had personal experience of a total hip replacement procedure.

Editorial Control

I personally retain full editorial discretion and control of the content that appears on every page of this site and I guarantee that none of the content, themes or ideas presented are influenced in any way by any third party, company or individual.

No Names basis

What you will also notice as you browse hip replacement recall is that, intentionally, the site makes no mention by name of any third party whether they be:

  • Hip implant manufacturers (the large corporates)
  • Surgeons, medical consultants or other healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals or clinics
  • Lawyers, attorneys, or specific lawsuits
  • Insurance companies
  • Expert witnesses

The reason for this is that to include reference to named third parties, would necessarily introduce bias and content which describes, potentially inaccurately, the objectives, agenda, perspective or position of a particular individual, a corporation or an institution.

Any quick Google search will bring back an avalanche of websites and content, the vast majority of which is created by the organizations, professions or individuals listed above. They all provide information about various issues, risks and potential problems with hip implants - but most of the sites have an agenda; an angle.

The message I would like you to take from this, is that my independence and absence of an agenda is the key differentiator between Hip Replacement Recall and the vast majority of other sites 'out there'.

The only exception to this 'no names' approach are the major regulatory institutions, where, as far as I can ascertain, they are genuinely independent, have strong corporate governance and a clear commitment to high ethical standards. These would include organizations such as:

  • the FDA in the US
  • NICE in the UK
  • Various national joint replacement registries

But I also stress, this website is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the regulatory organisations listed immediately above, or indeed any other regulatory organisation or joint registry.

Independent - First and Last

In summary, if you have concerns about metal on metal hip devices, or are actually experiencing problems with hip replacement implants, the last thing you need is to be engulfed by information from an avalanche of web sites that each have their own agenda which may not necessarily aligned with your best interests.

I hope you find that Hip Replacement Recall stands out from the crowd - differentiated by it's independence.

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