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If the objectives, values & approach of HRRH resonate with you or those of your organisation then you might wish to consider sponsoring a page on the site.

Sponsorship signals your support for the intent & purpose of HRRH.com, and makes a valuable contribution towards covering the costs of developing and running the site.

There are a limited number of opportunities for people or organisations in chosen sectors to benefit from establishing a sponsorship relationship with HRRH.

Why Sponsor HRRH?

There's Niche; then there's very Niche

OK, so what actually makes a web site 'work' i.e. be successful in meeting its objectives, however defined?

There are a number of elements to the answer to that question, including quality, reputation, integrity… but the most important is that the site understands, reflects and leads in a very narrow niche.

HRRH.com has a laser-like focus on hip replacement recall situations. The site provides objective information & useful tools for people who are impacted by hip implant recalls. That is the raison d'être of HRRH.com. Simple.

The whole blueprint for the site is structured around the information, support and tools that people working through the difficulties caused by a hip implant recall need to navigate and negotiate.

… Oh, and it's authored by a guy who has a personal experience of hip replacement.

It goes without saying that (by definition) visitors to the site are highly motivated to address the range challenges that arise from a hip recall event, in order that they can return to their normal lives and activities as soon, and as completely as possible.

Unsolicited testimonials indicate that visitors value HRRH's independence & approach, and find the information, links and practical tools provided very useful.

Pay Per Trick Advertising?

Despite its self-proclaimed sophistication and configurability, PPC advertising has proven to be opaque, expensive and of questionable value - it is, at best, a fairly blunt tool.

Are you disillusioned with throwing your marketing budget down the Pay Per Click 'pipe'; knowing it passes through complex algorithms to which you are not privy; and which change seemingly on a whim; struggling to discern any cause-effect connection between your investment and high quality, targeted traffic to your site?...

If so, then maybe the smart move is to work direct with a small number of independent sites such as HRRH.com, who share your genuine passion and interest in helping people impacted by hip recall.

Traffic Matters

A site may have high traffic, but if that traffic is not well targeted to a particular niche then most likely a visitor will land on a page and immediately 'bounce' off elsewhere.

Statistics prove that online the '80/20 rule' is more like the '95/5 rule' in that only 5% or less of searches bring the visitor to a site that genuinely addresses their needs and provides the help they are seeking. That's a lot of 'bounce' we all suffer when surfing.

According to several traffic-measuring services, HRRH.com is the most trafficked, niche, hip-recall website. You can verify the traffic, reach and levels of visitor engagement of any website at any of the major traffic-measuring hubs.

For example, check out the traffic ranking of HRRH.com according to Alexa.com.

Note that as a guide, any site with an Alexa Rank of less than 1,000,000 is in the top 1% of all sites globally… and within that 1% HRRH.com is acknowledged to be one of the very few 'go to sites' for the narrow & specialist field of Hip Recall.

Compare any other site after reviewing the stats for HRRH.com, and remember that what matters is targeted, high quality traffic, and how visitors behave on and interact with the site; not just raw volume.

Also, consider a selection of other indicators of quality:

  • Genuine community;
  • Laser-like focus on the niche;
  • The duration of a visit i.e. average time spent on the site;
  • How many pages on average each visitor reads;
  • The proportion of repeat visitors.

Quality wins out over quantity every time.

How is HRRH doing?

HRRH has only been online since April 2013, but headlines are as follows:

  • Compound growth in traffic is c.45% per month
  • Alexa Rank will soon be sub 1,000,000
  • Visitor testimonials affirm the value of and need for the site
  • Interest and support are growing on Twitter & Facebook


HRRH.com is not a commercial website, and there are relatively few sponsorship opportunities.

A small number of high quality, high integrity sponsors are sought, ideally on a category-exclusive basis, to create win-win-win sponsor relationships. The fit must be right for:

  • #1 - Visitors to HRRH: sponsors must provide, products, services or information that will be of high value to HRRH.com visitors
  • #2 - You: showcase your offering to a highly targeted and discerning audience
  • #3 - HRRH.com: your support helps cover the costs of running and growing the site

Potential sponsors must be comfortable that HRRH will at all times and in every respect remain independent, and that the content & toolkits included on the site will not be influenced by any sponsor relationship.

Once we have made contact and exchanged a few preliminary details, normally a focused telephone conversation will enable us to confirm the goodness of fit between us.


If you would like to showcase your service, product or website on HRRH.com, and through that show your support for the site and its objectives, then please respond using the contact form below.

Thank you.

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