For anyone who might be interested, here is a selection of all the unsolicited testimonials I have received here at Hip Replacement Recall Help. All of the original emails are kept on file.

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"The processes & tools on your Hip Replacement site have helped me better understand my current situation and my options for the future. Thank you for building the site."
- Jessie Barton, Cincinnati, US

"Thank you for creating this site. A refreshingly simple tool kit that has helped me through what has been a difficult time."
- Gordon Silva, Vienna

"There's a lot of very useful information here. Thank you for taking the time to create the site and sharing your personal experiences."
- Edmund Howell, Montreal

"Thx for the website - very helpful to me in marshalling my thoughts before engaging with various professionals."
- Leon Burke, US

"A voice of calm in a noisy world. Thank you."
- Clayton Olson, Seattle

"Thank you for creating these great resources. The tables, frameworks & diagrams provide very useful context."
- Rosemarie Fuller, Amsterdam

"HRRH.com is a gem - an island of common sense in what so often feels like a sea of bias & information overload."
- Felix Cook, Copenhagen

"Sincere thanks. The simple resources you have created have helped me structure my thoughts - before I found this site I felt I was running around in circles."
- Byron Salazar, Houston tx

"At last - a resource created by someone who has some personal experience of the challenges of hip replacement. Thankyou, and best wishes for your own recovery."
- Dolores Ramos, Detroit MI

"Your site is the proverbial needle in the haystack. I'm very grateful for these simple resources and common sense perspectives. Thank you so much."
- Bob Nelson, Cleveland, OH

"Thank you for taking time to create this site. Your independence is reassuring; as is knowing that you have first-hand experience of THR."
- Nichole King, Birmingham, UK

"Great site Richard! You go a long way to simplify what can sometimes feel like a bewildering, complex puzzle."
- Ruben Manning, Johannesburg, SA

"I've been searching for a long time for some straightfoward, unbiased information to help me through the hip recall process. Sincere thanks, and all the best with your own recovery."
- Kerry Tate, Naples, Campania

"Thanks for 'Paying it forward' Richard. Keep up the good work!"
- Dora Reese, Ballarat, Australia

"There is a lot of great information here! Thank you for pulling it together and sharing."
- Carrie Rice, Rochester, NY

"Great site Richard. many thanks"
- Alistair McLeod, Montpelier, France

"Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for this site. You've helped me by stripping away a lot of complexity & jargon. Keep on 'Keeping it Simple'!"
- Rene Herrera, Milan

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